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Singapore travel 4000 - word composition
The 2013-07-22 [source: online submission author: Chen lotus green "I want to contribute"
Travel 4000 Singapore] [tags: composition
In the early to Singapore
Under clear sky, above the clouds quietly at this time we are looking forward to the eight days of journey, and has a "garden city" Singapore can offer me what different surprise?
Singapore airport is divided into two floors up and down, with a light scent in the air, a vibrant jungle exhausted heart slowly relaxed, one by one when we arrive at the coastal resort is fast asleep at two o "clock in the morning. The sun hung high, the sound like the coo of waves with the wind, slowly blowing, send out the breath of a smile. Visit the merlion park, the feelings of curiosity with the merlion, as the name implies, is a stone lion, is shishi, lifelike. , the warm sun made on everyone"s face, has left its mark on me, came to the natural fountain, clear water sparkling, cool water vapor with filar silk cool idea as the fountain, people enjoy playing in the water, is already can"t distinguish the sweat or water droplets on the cheek is red, of course. After a simple lunch, we went to the school of "new media" began "journalists", came to the city to see a host - dong teacher, she told us that the host need good eloquence and good image, first of all, to know yourself, to conquer yourself, because sitting in front of many people the confidence of chair is not an easy thing, but at the same time, the teacher"s PPT, also conveys the host need to use a heart of reason, the processing of emergency is to stay calm. After dinner, chat with dong teacher found this to be a responsible, gentle temperament type of beauty. On this day, the weather is hot but enrich, tired but happy, I think this is the day of harvest.
Learning to march
Today continue to small reporter course, warm words, sweet voice in the face of students timid, patience to teach, it serves to show the teacher"s patience, dong today"s course is to write a speech, it is composed of a case writing head, draft first and last word generally written by the host, need, to represent time, place, characters and account, and after the reporter to write, need to enrich, ing. This requires that anchors and reporters have good oral English, coping capacity. It need to test our usual language rigour. Afternoon, the course is to prepare the 13 video, a case study, a press release, an anchor, a reporter, a logistics, three people through the draw assigned to different tasks, open air echoed with the sound of our discussion, everyone is hard for to have a perfect speech, or frown, or thought, or laugh, or clap your hands, because of that, when close the sweat on his forehead, when the last word put pen to paper, when the last seconds away, we can meet the sunset announced: mission complete! Slowly toward the hotel"s journey, look at that beautiful scenery, heart tired out, instead, heart filled with my heart was heavy but happy and clinking. Every profession has its difficulty and serious, when I can see professional personnel in an effort to fight and success, as in the society of success and failure, failure doesn"t mean giving up, success does not mean pride, feet on the ground is the best, to win without pride excepting to deal with all kinds of setbacks. Life may not be smooth, only experience fall to grow.
Graduation is complete
We tried again and again modification, we hope to receive the opportunity to can be successful, we overcome the stress and tension from facing the camera, we finally grow up.
Rooms to students sit quietly and observe carefully, neat with tables and chairs, stage lights shining, regular arrangement of the personnel, imagine yourself on here now, can"t say the mood of anxiety. After a long wait, when I stand in front of a camera forget word gentle voice in my ears tell "don"t be nervous, take a deep breath, relax, believe you can do it." as if with a magic, a blank brain gradually emerge the content of the manuscript, although face calm speak fluent lines will forget, but it has got a timely reminder, 11 points at the end of the 18 seconds of photography, a kind of relaxation, a kind of pride, a sense of satisfaction arises spontaneously. Twinkling of an eye, two and a half days have passed, there are happy during this nervous seriously, mixed feelings. Just three teacher is very hard, and someone is injured in two and a half days, fever, and discipline, he (she) can in an orderly way to deal with, take care of and we also don"t careless. The teacher is one of the world"s most endowed with professional sense of responsibility, good or bad, I have to sincerely say thank you. Thanks to a lot of people in my life, and really help you and make you impressive is that a few. And we need to do is to use their own action to tell those who ever helped you, were not in vain to prove his help, I think this is enough. There was a man, without her, we would not have such a large growth; Without her, we would not have the courage to power; Without her, there is no video in the us this is dong teacher and that of two and a half days to get along with, let me realized that a host is the most important is a natural confidence, this is not just confidence, but also a kind of temperament, the largest in dong teacher, she stood there, with practical action to tell me, want to change, must be tried and fall, success, there is no free lunch is no unearned opportunity, therefore, struggle!
Relax when crazy
"Universal studios" here we can see also can play to the most fresh and interesting things. First project is the ancient Egyptian indoor roller coaster, enter indoor, dim the lights of the terror of music, form a dark atmosphere, hair, car open into the darkness of the orbit, the mummy was bright, deep voice over, the car immediately fast sliding forward, in the darkness of the rail car carrying our rapid operation, huge gap between feeling let us scream. It is interesting to note that in this space will have feelings, when fire burning thermal, impinges when landing, before this, never had. Here, the controller will encourage you, thumbs up to you, don"t be nervous on message to you. Recruit success can bring warm applause, the root of the smile is warm. What have we done to air a roller coaster, I roll in the air, will open a line eyes narrowed, beautiful scenery and take in everything in a glance, trees have different rolling, strong pneumatic drill to the ear, the rotation of the naughty, jump, when landing down from a height, rapid stimulation to scream, I think, this is the most daring thing I ever did. Unconsciously, the sun has been gradually falling, the evening sunset, the wind of moderate face flushed, impatience also blow away the heart, calm heart unexpectedly accidentally heard many voices. Tourists frolicking sound, the sound of rustling leaves, have a roller coaster screams, visitors, the diffuse around a happy and harmonious atmosphere, at this moment, in all kinds of sound intersection, close your eyes and listen with your heart, the corners, inductive almost, this day no matter hard, regardless of the sun, no matter wait for, after all is happy, as long as happy, the day is not in vain.
Communication is to watch
The importance of the travel destination - ShangYi, middle school, we go to first ShangYi middle school, indoor huge blackboard writing welcome ShouChun middle school teachers and students, because time too early, so we sit and rest, we careful teacher to drink hot water, hot water only lukewarm let us because of the air conditioning and cooling the body warm up, introduce yourself, we did not know that university students in Singapore is not much, can get in university is less and less. So Singapore graduated college students have a lot of salary, and part of each year there are good students can get the government to give a full scholarship. This part can go to harvard or Cambridge to continue learning, there is no doubt that this is a fair competition of the city. From family, from rich, as long as there is strength will be picked up by the government, elected a full scholarship, of course grades to achieve the requirements of the government, therefore, be people is undoubtedly the best are chosen. Later, to the best high school - the middle school, there are many good students in this middle school, guide Chen says "on the people of this school, it will directly in high school", we choose the English class, is welcomed by a lot, there are people from all over the world, looking at him (her) the kind of face, nervous mood relaxed, this is all English lesson, to be honest, I only understand, really shame, I eureka gap is so big, through introducing the flank classmate just just a little understand, really is not a class. I can only say that Chinese people listen to foreigners English lesson like China"s math class, so can"t say there is a big difference, but it is fair to say, to foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses. Left standing, we went to the botanical garden. Visit because of the weather, can shorten the time, but the other us an eye-opener, enter the orchid garden, has a colorful big green orchids, not greasy but also is very novel, but not mixed and disorderly is refined, new decorate, don"t let a person shine at the moment, are now under a light rain, add dim for this pieces of fresh orchids, covered with a layer of mysterious veil, different pieces of orchid aroma, in the small room airtime, look at these flowers, I do not consciously laugh up, lovely orchid makes me a good mood at the end of the journey, in the rain in Singapore with a soft, cool and aromas with a hint of grass, is very pure and fresh. From communication to realize the importance of English, from the view of see Singapore as a garden city capital, knowledge from the school to belong to an independent state.
When shopping consumption
New waterworks in Singapore have turn sewage into clean water technology, this technology make Singapore a steady stream of water resources, it is this, Singapore, water is very sufficient. And we are going to visit is the process, I have seen the summed up five words "filter again", from big to small, the technology is needed is a diaphragm, small diaphragm away dirt away bacteria, finally only water, new water has become the world"s top technology, has been recognized by the United States. Of simple meal, came to a tax-free shop, make a person dazzling range of goods, but because of the price, came to the video store, strong music let me awake, came to the clothes shop, looking at expensive clothes, silent sigh, we are poor, can not afford to also can"t afford to injury, while we from the brand to delicate small gifts, one good and inexpensive, let a person was, clocks and watches, necklace, pendant, golden, let a person cannot help all income bursa. Today is the second day, suddenly look back, it turns out that we have been through a lot, learn together, together, eat together, live together, I can remember all those things of the past, it may be not happy, have a homesick, but does not seem to power off, play happy not false, not false, you eat it all in remind me, originally we had seven days together, but is not over yet, so must not regret at the end of the day. When the tired heart occupied atrium, when the sunset over the sky, when set the whistle rang of ear side I didn"t like the day has gone.
When the water back
For the first time we set foot on the land, fresh feeling with us, instead of just now is to meet, attachment. Young we loved to play, noisy but it does not represent love, respectively, for all good reception, we can only say treasure, see you soon.
Nanyang technological university in Singapore, one of the three universities in the Chinese museum exhibition of Chinese in Singapore"s struggle of course, still photographs represent the progress of time and time again, from look down upon to be respected, gave a lot among this touching these photos as if can touch those characters. Each picture has a story behind, how much blood that history, we don"t know, old pictures tell us the history of the pioneers of blood, to the future generations on the efforts of the Chinese people, on the traces of ancient, with their struggle, loss, sacrifice life, was bullied by the enemy, all this can happen, and through them, leaving these precious moments, sparkling, proving to the world: the Chinese, well done! Birds in the park, the scorching sun on the green leaves, vibrant, a green world, all kinds of birds to our dazzling, bright parrot, red bird of paradise, like dark owl, and cute penguins, look at the birds of small and exquisite, very heart affection, but also feel sorry for them, these animals in the park, even freedom all have no, young they watched birds flying over the sky of freedom, and they can only accept the baptism of the flash. Yes, they do not want to eat and to drink, don"t worry about the weather, they lost the ability to survive, like her birth, tender and delicate, ask, this life is lucky or unlucky for them? Afternoon come to sentosa, glimmering pearls white clouds, surging waves lap the beach, the sun is setting, moderate sunlight oblique ocean 90 degrees, reflect a little golden light, and the scene is very harmonious, warm, we came to the beach water, cool water to hot us some cool and refreshing, we are playing by the ocean water to each other. As we jump heart, down to the depths of the ocean blue sky are echoed with the laughter of the young, we reflected on the surface, engraved in my heart. To get wet, the bubble in the water, the waves flapping in the body, will we rushed back to shore, noise, noise, sucking sound, as of now mood, mixed feelings. Night there are eight special music fountain, the first is a group of people, he (she) people walk while sing, youth breathed, over time, the music sounded, huge dance to music of the fountain, with water mist form animation character, octopus elder sister, octopus and beautiful woman all, music is presented to us is elegantly with water to form a beautiful picture scroll, there formed a drop of water fountain as life in general is shocking. Water and fire perfectly blend together, dazzling special effects, eye-popper in just half an hour, let me see Singapore"s advanced science and technology, dancing again and again, again and again, let a person get drunk in this unique fountain feast, until. As the evening, eight days tour is coming to an end, sitting on the plane, looked under the city again, smile, silent sigh, good-bye, and Singapore!【99作文网】
Journey of the past (summary)
Look back, you"ll find just eight days harvest is rich, to know that this is a discipline of state, to know that it is a country fair, realized that this is a beautiful and clean country; Just eight days, realize the vast gap of abroad and domestic, that belonged to the developed countries, to learn how much confidence is important, there is no denying the fact this is a good country, it has a proud of science and technology, environment and international status, it has a unity of the people, it has a positive attitude towards life, it have enough capital pride, this is a worth learning, respect for the country.

四级作文类型篇三:love me_英语四级作文

四级作文类型_love me_英语四级作文

I know you like others so call you, especially the person you love; You say this kind of feeling is very warm, like in the leisure afternoon, languid is lazy to enjoy an afternoon of sky, freely, very beautiful.
You must be curious about me, because you are so sensitive and surprise, like a baby boomer, the unknown has the perseverance and tenacity of explore desire; Because to have such a desire, to let you become more fat, you is like a sponge, constantly absorbing the everything around you are interested in; You say I think, therefore I am. You start this sentence is not very understand, what do you think of the people seldom may have a more happy, so, you are always heartless, according to their own subjective consciousness, capricious, stubborn, arbitrary, or even a wrong-headed. I do not know when you suddenly understand a truth, that a man happy, also want to consider whether others happiness, also put their own happiness based on others" pain, very carefree, is disgraceful. So, you try to reflection, introspection, you learn the thinking and thinking; So you see, happiness is being needed. If you are in any one"s eyes is superfluous, and dispensable, so, you"re the outcast of happiness.
Girl, you are confident, this is my joy. Is your most used to say: "I was luckily, lost my life!" Would you even this sentence as essential oils, optional daub, to, of course, sometimes self-deception, is this your Q spirit, is also your lovely place. Lovely to let a person cannot bear to damage, but someone will always take advantage of your goodness. It"s not your fault, not blame you, but you always remorse. Because, you are a pursuit of the perfect person, but you don"t know if it is perfect for others, may be a yellowing old clothes, do not have any value, and you are a treasure, I cherish, for fear that someone will destroy, so you always wary, alert to the danger. Wench, pursuit of perfection is desirable, but the precious things again, if you have it pushes you to breathe, should also be willing to put down. Do you know, there is a word called - in spite of his flaws. Really appreciate you, love you, cherish you, will see you as a piece of jade, carve your, let your real perfect; And so a lot of people, and always on your side, just you have not been found, it is your fault.
Girl, you are really lazy, you lazy can do nothing, just silently looking at one time the passage of an afternoon, and the afternoon you just staring blankly. For some people, you said that an inch of time an inch of gold, and for you, lazy afternoon, is also the daughter doesn"t buy. That afternoon, you to see the sweat on the windowsill of vitality in the sun, hear the wind gently singing march, and then from your cheek and see the sun slowly away from the surface of the table, until back to below the horizon. So you open your arms to hug the dark night, waiting for the dawn, to greet the morning the first ray of sunshine, the old and the new replacement is so naturally; So, you don"t care you this time is in the relentlessly leave a mark on his face. You never use any makeup to cover up; You said the best cosmetics also could not draw pure, best beauty technology, also able to withstand the time footsteps, why not let nature take its course. You just too lazy to at least half an hour every day, MiaoMeiHuaYan. Too lazy to spend a few hours of time, beauty parlor, listen to miss the fool. You said the best maintain article is mood optimistic, that always when you are sad, it is a good hairdresser doesn"t go off on her forehead that several natural folds. And canthus and corners of the mouth laugh, that is happy in a man"s gift, this is how you think, any heart.
Girl, you has a fatal flaw, couldn"t disguise my anger is impatient and xi, also very paranoid. That stuff, you will grasp insisted, who all don"t pull back. Do you prefer to use the first impression to see a stranger, more easily swayed by their own subjective consciousness; One people, one thing at a time, and immediately began to form in your mind, the first reflection, and so tend to be set, want to change, and it is often difficult to. So you often judge a book by its cover, what do you think of the mind, a person"s goodness will be shown in their facial features. And a person"s life habit, will from a person"s words and deeds, reflected in the dress. So, with a strong smell of perfume, clothing is inappropriate, and the other woman, will never become the target that you take a reason, you believe them is vulgar. The same a slovenly and foul-mouthed, or a man of many words, never not you take a reason. You hate all the things that do not meet the requirements of your aesthetic, is so deeply, and this kind of hate you won"t go to deliberately hidden, but freely to show. Girl, you know? A lot of things in fact, there are always two sides to everything, and one side is you can"t see, and everyone is like a book, will know when I read the content inside is empty or heavy, and often that delicate cover to hide its inherent shortage. All that glitters is not gold is such a mean.
Girl, you always say not letter, and vain; You said no longer heated comments, you said that you no longer spend too much time on the Internet, you"ve done too much similar, but has never been true to you. You spend too much idea to run your beautiful mood, you forget the real life there are many worthy of yourself to cherish and care about people and things. You always selfish to find all sorts of excuse, trying to find a reasonable excuse for oneself, let oneself do measures; This is the place where you most conflicts, between the real and virtual, which is the most important thing you can"t measure, you too real to separates and virtual reality, what do you think of all the people who appeared in his own world, is the supreme good to beauty, you only use sincere sincere; Real responsibility was already let you out of breath, you also overreached to bear the responsibility of the virtual world. So you put all the love and anger about the world, is expressed in words, and this performance will surely bring you a satisfaction and pleasure, those in the real world cannot pour out and elicits, rushed to pour in space, you see this person up gradually, in a piece of cheers, you are very enjoy that the satisfaction of being admired, while the content is actually a kind of vanity. This once vanity is easy to get rich quick, a vain woman is boring, the same that holding the vanity and piled out of the article, is a failure no doubt; How to change, only the cool, with common heart to treat all of the joy and glory of, those are the people who love you for your encouragement, when high ideals, you do not feel good. Write the words that oneself like, don"t shed.
Girl, you really don"t understand and don"t understand romantic amorous feelings, but you any holiday related to love, do you think that is a form of childish, boys and girls who only puppy love will love into form. So, when you are never on valentine"s day gifts, you said too melodramatic. You said this is not a romantic holiday can reflect, on behalf of a flower is not the perfect love; So it is always my love deep, even if the love, is also to express; Always let a person misunderstanding, feel your true feelings. Like you like flowers, don"t you go to spend with all kinds of temperament, thought to the water, they will be evergreen, beautiful fragrant flowers. Finally, those who you love, I don"t understand love flowers, gradually withered, only a few plants still stubbornly alive. You know, some flowers and shade, and some take xi Yang, some flowers without too much moisture, some flowers is inseparable from the water. Love is like, different love need different ways of expression.【99作文网】
Girl, you really very heartless, you heartless to never look back a look from you was born with you I was like peas and carrots. As you are always in a hurry, you give all love to others, but ignore my existence; Do you know? Girl, it makes me really sad. This let me sad pined and withered; I am so deeply in love with you, you cry, I will shed tears, you smiled, I was happy, you were mad, I was angry, always happy your happiness, sadness, your sadness. And you never find me, even stood the most beautiful sunshine, is you let me back to the sun.
This is a building for long love letter, there has been no courage to say to you, is not afraid of rejection, but afraid of being you ignore, because I was so small, small to only you stopped, turned around, with the aid of the energy of the light, can be found, I see my appearance, I am your shadow, wench! Always for you, love you, but only the man who has been quietly followed you is I, cherish yourself, is love for me the best return. I like your bare feet wearing sneakers, reinforces the walk, the natural elegance of like you, and you forever confident smile!




四级作文类型篇五:I LOVE YOU TOO_英语四级作文

四级作文类型_I LOVE YOU TOO_英语四级作文

Month, waxing, rain or shine and tragedies will descend. If do not have a furore at millennium or so, my family might be another story.
At that time, the father is plant organ accounting computerization as a clerk. The late 1990 s, the reform of state-owned enterprises are in a crucial stage. Countries with a call, millions of employees are laid off, the posterity. At a time when enterprises and institutions of authority is like an oil spilt into, water droplets into the iron cage. Let be battered by a storm outside, the inside of the people still walk. "A cup of tea, a cigarette, a newspaper to see half a day", this proverb to explain, with each agency unit in China is not alone.
After several years of last century it was the time when the coal market is the most weak. The existence of unlicensed small mines, each other the prevalence of depriving the state-owned large and medium-sized coal mine cost advantages, in the fierce market competition. Once, my father"s salary can only extend by 70%. I was also going to boarding junior middle school, is a not small cost for home.
In this case, the mother said to her father: "I"ve heard that you unit workshop leadership positions at the grass-roots level treatment is good, why don"t you give you led for a workshop with job? Always so laze around in the organ is not matter!"
Father agree with mother, then wrote the above application. After half a month, a paper named down, father was appointed as a workshop director.
Just arrived, his father to work conscientiously. He is the famous factory, original love clean "a little green vegetables," then he often dressed in overalls and a thick rubber shoes to travel between several plants, make of the whole body is sweat, and oil. He ate and drank with the worker to work, sometimes the machine is broken, need to repair, stared at the father is in the first line, from time to time ask chefs around the relevant technical problems. Really too tired, he lay in the workshop workshop on a bench in the lounge for a little while.
Everything comes to him who waits, before long, the father found a good idea can increase the welfare for employees.
After purification of raw coal often leave some slime, past the slime is often cited as a waste of wilderness, sun, greatly polluted the environment. The slurry can be used as the raw material honeycomb briquet. Under the condition of the coal industry was booming, if sell slime produced every day to the honeycomb briquet factory, in exchange for money subsidies everyone"s home, is it not a win-win thing?
To start, my father on the one hand, actively to contact manufacturers to negotiate, on the other hand, lead to report the matter to the factory. Soon the manufacturer and a qualified honeycomb briquet production company reached an agreement.
But I don"t know what time, my father found that the original piled up coal slime, often puzzling to reduce in the middle of the night. "No domesticthief led to a ghost," father, after a long time for investigations, so he found a middle-level cadres of workshop secretly smuggle coal to another without qualification honeycomb briquet production workshop.
So, my father start looking for the "middle" in private conversations, he confesses a thing of the past can let bygones be bygones, but such a thing will not happen again in the future. The "middle" in front of the father to be passive and repeatedly said, but still secretly stay away doing shady business deals.
Father finally unbearable, capture problem on another middle smuggled slime, unbearable, on briefing singled out the "middle"...
One day after half a month, father suddenly on the busy work. The first day he stands say that they have to work overtime, the second day he said at the end of this year, with tight production tasks; On the third day, he still say they have to work overtime. This finally made the mother suspicious, so to find father father unit.
Father did not in the unit, he lay in a hospital bed, a piece of bruises on her face, her arm wrapped in gypsum, legs still have blood.
Obviously, his father was beaten by people. He is on duty that day, after dinner on the way back to the unit, the side of the road suddenly rushed out of a dozen bruiser, his father on the head. A disorderly beats... . So, father in unconscious lying on the side of the road for so long, I was kind of passers-by to the hospital.
Mother looked at the bed"s father, just cry. Said the public security organs, there is no real evidence to prove that his father who was playing. Factory several leadership with a belly, have come to see father, to express our deep sympathy for the sufferings of his, and then turn (audience: "this thing happens outside the factory, not inductrial injury. You also know that factory is currently in difficult times, for humanitarian reasons, of course, only for you a small amount of medical bills. What you have is a whole, also is one of the older workers of the factory, and organization for you want, you also want to give organizations think about what..."
Bed, the mother sobbing; On hospital bed, the father a sigh.
Early in 2000 is the year of dragon, the relevant state departments began a comprehensive reorganization of small mines. The situation of the coal market improved. But it is precisely in the coal market just "dragon head" in May, his father has been down. The official democratic appraisal is the cause of the cadres is unqualified. And his father need, not others, is the "middle" being criticized by his father.
I"ll never forget that night with thunder and lightning, his father received a phone call, know that he was demoted. His hand shaking, telephone handset mercilessly fell on the ground, a ringing sound.
In the night sky, a flash of lightning struck, followed by a loud thunder, rain like suppressed for a long time, suddenly pouring down...
The morning after the rain, I accompany father to go for a walk in the square, "little" to persuade my father: "down came down, "out of officer, out of danger!"
I still remember my father"s eyes that morning, that is a kind of what kind of helpless! Inclusion in the melancholy of hesitation, stray loss.
A few degrees wind and rain, a few degrees during the spring and autumn, weathered snow rain beat rapids. But person to middle-aged unexpectedly like this truth. The land of the air after the rain soak the feet, muddy lawn leave father deeply shallow messy footprints.
Always gentle mother also finally unbearable, "Sue him! I don"t believe, so big China, there is no place to argue!"
Father doesn"t speak, just a and a smoking a cigarette.
After the storm, the restoration of a quiet life. Time, perhaps time is the best antidote to treatment for all wounds. However, some pain, although everyone don"t want to touch, condensation in the deep, once touched, became scars that never let go.
Finally, after days of peace, the Dragon Boat Festival evening, mother and father because trivial things get red in the face. Such a special period, the same when the two sides finally put the condom thing on the table when father finally unbearable, door.
It grew dark, the clock tick, the empty room, my mother and me in silence, in silence...
Half past nine, ten, eleven o "clock.
Mother began to worry, went downstairs to find his father. In the distance a drunk cry, sad sadness, is the father. Made with my mother and I to the father home, he got a great injustice like a child, mixed ground to say: "you always say let me to tell him, to tell him, I have to ability to win him! His father is the director of..."
The Dragon Boat Festival is the most I"ve a Dragon Boat Festival, with no dumplings, no eggs, only a feather to family matters.
Father said that "he", is one of his old leadership.
Time back to the mid 1980 s, when father high-spirited, first came to this one is still in preparation stage, only six of coal preparation plant. His father was well written, so there will be left the secretary of the factories and mines as a leader. This is done, for eight years.
After the storm, father swallowed down, at the workers" jobs continue to work hard.
Until seven years later, things again there has been a dramatic change.
In 2007, the leadership of chief father died. Wall, pour all gone, the leader finally because of economic problems in jail.
A lot of problems emerged naturally. That year, letting the "middle" buy, his fierce beating, modify the democratic appraisal result, officer, "my father is he. He, as we all know the identity of the factory is an important leadership; And the identity of the unknown, is the problem of honeycomb briquet workshop shareholders and investors.
Prison, the old leaders to meet his father. Father should readily. Old leadership feels the father"s hand, bother to apologize, said he was a cynical. In a word, and long to put those on TV "corrupt officials confessions".
Father looked at him, eyes dull, dignified silence...
A few years later, I once asked his father: "do you hate him?"
The father said: "once hate, but don"t hate now. His daughter was studying in the UK, the cost is very high, with his income level, is absolutely can"t afford. Ah, he is also for the children!"
All say poor people there will be the place of hateful, but hate the person? Sometimes really has poor?
In response to the requirements of national cadres younger, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the factory, workshop of cadres above 45 years old "one-size-fits-all." After so many years of turmoil, father long past the age, to office was not possible.
Factory to a new leader, heard that his father, determined to father a easy job, is arranged in the organ by his father refused politely: "now, are quick-witted just rich, these jobs for young people to do!"
I surprisedly asked his father: "into the organs work more at leisure ah! No official business, read newspaper, drink a cup of tea water. It is your old job, good!"
Father drew one mouthful smoke, silent for a long time, as if in mumbling to say: "young people quit in color, middle-aged people in it, the elderly in it."
It"s my turn to silence it.
Today"s father still busy on the ordinary post. Originally most colleagues who work in the organs were developed. Occasionally in eat together, father is becoming more and more in words. Gradually, his father had to "go with ear," gradually became edge of banquets. Therefore, between they and their father.
His father in the circle of friends a lot more simple worker. Father always talking and laughing with them. Sometimes, I also tired father perspiration stains on the greasy overalls. Whenever I blame him, his father always laugh at myself a way: "ah, in the clean small green vegetables, now become a" rotten cabbage."
Just, in polarization, under the condition of social class increasingly consolidated, father"s salary is still difficult. Original father works in the office, and my mother in business school, his father"s salary is higher than mother. Whenever they blush, father is compatible with his high horse. Today, the mother"s school ranks, city bureau of education directly under the jurisdiction of salary nature has improved dramatically, while father"s wage growth is slow. "Economic base determines the superstructure", so the family finances to fall firmly in the hands of the mother nature. But the father seems to be "not ashamed, to honour", he often said: "the money to your mother, I rest assured!"
His words is true, who knows!
Called home a few days ago, my mother told me that: "your dad to socialize a lot recently..."
So, I talk to my father, and charged him away from home, drinking less alcohol, eat more food.
Dad very helplessly like me "complain" : "can"t, people like us so big age, children are not married, is the parents passed away, weddings, funerals and much more special. Each month your dad I popularity and well..."
I do not know how, when he said these, the heart was hurting for a part in a flash.
My thoughts do not curb the spread of. I seem to see the sitting under the kerosene lamp, holding a little red book reading hard boy, that even young father. Nanjing xiaguan district learning activist "quotations from chairman MAO" is his best reward; That taught me to write to having substance in speech, remember words, carefully help me to modify the composition form, that is the father of middle age; The sound of red songs is passion, summer night every night will come to the palace of the high red figure, this is now the father.
Someone said, father is a mountain. I often think, my father like? He wasn"t up to the invasion of the mountain, no tall and straight poplar. I think my father is like a bottomless sea, like the TV series "lurk" song to sing: "dream of the light in the dark, in the heart cover; endure loneliness in weak, only for a belief. My tears is a bottomless sea, my love for you has been replenished. Believe in the power of endless, that is loyal to..."





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